Company profile

Founded in 1987, Centacon is a developer with decades of expertise in renovation and new construction projects. Centacon specializes in high quality renovation projects, following them from initiation to completion. The Company focuses on older buildings with the potential to become urban landmarks, bringing out the architectural value and updating them with the most advanced construction techniques. Centacon’s mission is to combine tradition and innovation in a balanced and coherent way. Its projects are environmentally sustainable; they structure and maximize space while making efficient and inventive use of lighting and heating.
During the creative phase of development, Centacon places a high priority on the social aspects of the building’s design. Finding a balance between life and work and considering the needs of all generations and all groups of society (children, students, temporary workers, elderly people…) are Centacon’s priorities. Dialogue is encouraged during the whole development process. To this end, Centacon takes care to stay in close contact with the building’s Clients, the neighborhood and the official authorities.
The fact that Centacon is small organization, with short lines of communications, has certain advantages. The company is highly flexible and able to take quick and decisive actions when necessary. Centacon also prides itself on a high level of commitment to clients, providing two points of contact to its clients during the entire process of design and construction.